Import & Export

Import & Export



Import play an important role in the corporation’s long-term development strategy. The growth of import has stimulated the development of domestic production and trading activities of the corporation. Through

We import:
* Machine, equipments and materials:
– Steel
– Equipments
– Animal feed
– Admixture
– Copper, aluminium

– Water filter equipment etc

* Consumer products:
– Electrical and electronic home appliances: washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner, micro wave, coffee machine, fruit mixer, TV, etc
– European and US Glassware, ceramic ware, kitchenware etc
– Beer, Wine, Brandy, Cognac, Whisky etc
– Chocolate, Biscuits, candy
– Cosmetic, perfume, beauty care, health care etc
– Giftware, Souvenirs etc

Our import markets are Japan, USA, Korea, Germany, Singapore, China, Malaysia etc. importing raw materials and commodities for production and consumption, HAPRO has so far become a traditional partner of many companies in Viet Nam such as South Asia Steel Company, Hoa Phat Steel Company, Coca Cola Viet Nam, etc.

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* We are a leading producer and exporter of handicrafts and agricultural produces. Our handicrafts are for both home use and decoration purposes with attractive designs and reasonable prices. We export wide range of products that can meet your demand:
– Outdoor ware: Gardening, ceramic planter, etc

– Furniture: table, desk, bench, chair, stool, saloon, cabinet, shelves, etc

– Basketry and trays: shopping bags, fruit basket, serving trays, etc

– Decoration: living rooms, bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, etc

– Curtains: blinds, partition, etc

– Rugs and mats

* Our agri-produces and food stuff are of high quality, competitive prices:

– Agricultural products: Black pepper, rice, coffee beans, desicated coconut, gum rosin, star aniseed, cinamon, dired chilli, garlic, onion, other spices etc.

– Canned/picked vegetable & fruits: canned pineapple, canned straw mushroom – canned lychees, baby cucumber, pickled cherry tomato, pickled onion, pickled sweet corn kernel, pickled whole baby corn, sliced bamboo, sliced bamboo shoot with chilli, chilli paste, pickled chilli etc- Canned meat & fish: pork, beef, tuna, sardine in vegetable oil/tomato paste etc – Dried fruits: Papaya, jackfruit, banana, pineapple, mango, lychee, longan pulp etc.

We have set up good business relations with more than 60 countries in the world such as: Asia, Europe, America, Middle East, North & South Africa,etc

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