Over 17 years of construction and development, Hapro is proud to have achieved many great titles and awards and is increasingly asserting its brand position in the field of exporting agricultural products and developing the system. modern retail in the country. Overcoming difficulties during the pandemic, recently at the ceremony to announce and honor Vietnam’s Strong Brand 2020 – 2021, Hapro continued to maintain the title of “Vietnam’s Strong Brand”.

Ms. Do Tue Tam, Deputy General Director of HAPRO at the Honoring Ceremony

Difficulties “encircled”

The 4th wave of COVID has been causing negative effects for Vietnamese businesses. Hanoi Trade Corporation (Hapro), a member unit of BRG Group is also not out of this spiral. The strong outbreak of COVID-19 along with the application of social distancing measures has affected the circulation of goods, leading to disruptions of supply chains and impacting almost all sectors. the Corporation’s main business, from import and export to domestic trade; restaurant system, food service or even production activities.

For export activities, the global supply chain is locally disrupted, the circulation of goods, services and global labor is in short supply, making economic and international trade activities not smooth and inefficient. . Direct trade promotion activities cannot be carried out during the epidemic period, affecting the search for customers and the consumption market. The factors of input costs, raw material supply … for export activities increased. In addition, incurring many costs for disease prevention and control also greatly affects businesses. In particular, the cost of international freight is increasing very high, causing difficulties for import and export enterprises. Container and shipping freight rates increased by 6-7 times compared to the time before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and have not cooled down, causing many businesses to pay additional storage and warehousing costs due to shipments. Congested at seaports, orders face many risks due to delays, forced to cancel delivery, contract compensation…

Not only has exports been severely affected, this epidemic has also caused a series of super-retail systems to fall into difficulties. Since the outbreak, employees of supermarket chains BRGMart, minimart Haprofood/BRGMart have faced more risks and risks. Although staff are fully protected with 2 doses of vaccine according to epidemic prevention and control regulations; but a selling point is willing to be asked to temporarily close even if only 1 shift F0, F1 visit. The closure of the establishment causes great consequences on sales and business targets. Meanwhile, the salary fund for employees, other expenses such as electricity, water, space rental costs must still be maintained.


Keep the faith to overcome difficulties. Proud to be honored “Vietnam Strong Brand”

Maintain confidence in the development orientation of the Board of Directors; Safely adapting, flexibly, and effectively controlling the COVID-19 epidemic in order to recover and develop business activities after the epidemic are the top goals that have been highly agreed upon by the Corporation’s Board of Directors.

In order to overcome challenges and anticipate opportunities for post-COVID-19 recovery, Hapro’s leadership believes that in “danger” there is always “opportunity”. The Corporation has accelerated restructuring and export activities in the direction of streamlining, safety and efficiency. Continue to implement solutions to create a strong breakthrough such as: increase export turnover, expand markets, develop new export products, increase export profit efficiency and ensure absolute safety. capital safety.

HAPRO strengthens export trade activities at Vietnam Expo 2021

With a focus on agricultural and food products, Hapro dreams of bringing the National brand to all five continents and four pools. Strengthening export promotion strives to make Hapro brand become one of the strong brands of Vietnam and a strong international export brand in the region. Currently, Hapro’s products have been exported to 80 countries and territories around the world.Regarding the domestic market, Hapro has well implemented the direction of Hanoi City, which is: to ensure the reserve of food and necessities to supply Hanoi people in all situations of the COVID-19 epidemic with a low level. stable prices, thereby creating peace of mind for consumers, especially during the high epidemic period. During the pandemic, Hapro continued to focus on developing the domestic market.

Abundant goods at the supermarket system BRGMart, minimart Haprofood/BRGMart

Up to now, BRG Group has owned a system of 76 supermarkets BRGMart and minimart Haprofood/BRGMart in Hanoi and some other provinces across the country. By the end of 2022, the Group aims to develop up to 200 shopping points and become the leading shopping brand for consumers across the country. Not only serving customers shopping directly at the point of sale, BRGMart and Haprofood/BRGMart systems also deploy multi-channel sales methods such as receiving orders via BRG shopping online shopping App, hotline, fanpage, zalo, etc. home delivery service…

Multi-channel selling method brings many benefits to customers during the epidemic season

Notably, the BRGMart and Haprofood/BRGMart systems are pioneers in actively implementing campaigns to support the consumption of agricultural products in localities that are congested and difficult to find output due to the impact of the epidemic. or a partner providing more than 50,000 gifts including essential items, at almost non-profit prices at the program “Supermarket 0 VND”.

Buses of gratitude in the season of COVID-19

“Hapro’s mission is to strive for the benefit and satisfaction of Vietnamese and international customers. Always consider customers as the focus, we aim to be a multi-industry economic group; have strong financial and human resources. Orientation to become one of the leading brands in Vietnam; highly competitive with economic groups in the field of trade and services.” Ms. Do Tue Tam – Deputy General Director of the Corporation shared.There are still many difficulties ahead, however, Hanoi Trade Corporation always firmly overcomes all challenges to maintain the brand reputation in the hearts of customers and partners at home and abroad. Hapro has been promoting its role as a large economic and commercial enterprise, contributing to the implementation of economic development tasks of Hanoi Capital. During difficult times, the Hapro brand has shown its ability to adapt, stand firm, have growth and clearly demonstrate its responsibility for the community and society in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is the 15th time in a row, Hapro brand is proud to be honored as “Vietnam’s Strong Brand”. Besides production and business activities; Over the past time, especially from the beginning of 2020 until now, Hapro has actively participated in accompanying activities and shared difficulties in the time of COVID-19 prevention and control and has been recognized by all levels and sectors in Hanoi. , appreciate.




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